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High - Quality & Realistic Sex Dolls

Sex Dolls

The Best Sex Dolls Reviews

Unbiased, Real-World Reviews on the Industry’s Best Sex Dolls

Made from hyper-realistic medical-grade silicone and premium TPE, today’s sex dolls are impressively realistic. From soft skin to voluptuous curves, these dolls are made to impress. Add to that the weight and rigidity of an integrated skeleton and you have the next best alternative to the real thing. With even more innovation on the horizon, these highly customizable dolls are integrating more life-like features and technology than ever before. Best of all, advancements in efficient manufacturing now mean that they are more affordable than ever.

three sex dolls with different complexions













168CM | 5' 5" - K CUP



168CM | 5' 5" - K CUP



161CM | 5' 2" - G CUP (Hybrid)



161CM | 5' 2" - G CUP (Hybrid)



161CM | 5' 2" - F CUP



161CM | 5' 2" - G CUP



163CM | 5' 5" - E CUP



163CM | 5' 5" - E CUP



157CM | 5' 1" - F CUP

naked sex dolls inside inside the doll factory

Realistic Sex Dolls

Made from Genuine Medical Grade Material

It took nearly three decades for manufacturers to perfect the art and science of making ultra-realistic sex dolls. At the forefront of this adventure was the invention of tin-cure silicone and platinum technology, aiding in improving durability and longevity, while bringing down costs.

"Although this was a step in the right direction, this application still had its shortfalls. It wasn’t until around 2012 that TPE (ThermoPlastic Elastomer) had gained a foothold in the industry. ."

With the use of TPE perfected, came a new generation of sex dolls that was even more realistic, more affordable, and more accessible to the masses. This material is hyper-realistic and shockingly similar to the look, feel and touch of real human skin.


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Fantastic company I have purchased from many times. Delivery is always very prompt. dolls are well packaged and presented.



I would recommend this doll to a friend.

Timber ****


Delivered ahead of schedule and great quality.



How TPE Sex Dolls
Revolutionized the Market

What is TPE? Short for “Elastomer Thermoplastic”, these three letters have had a profound impact on the sex doll industry. Made from a unique blend of rubber and plastics, TPE is capable of incredible elasticity and rebound, enabling it to be stretched and then returning to its original form and shape.

As opposed to other materials, TPE is also lighter and more flexibly, offering improved ergonomics and positioning of the dolls.

Some may argue that silicone is more ‘realistic’ than TPE, and in some ways this is true, but it is also WAY more expensive and less durable, meaning fewer people get to enjoy them. For the money, TPE dolls offer incredible value and versatility. Less cost also means more customization and variations without breaking the bank. For example, one TPE doll can be outfitted with multiple different faces/heads.

person wearing white gloves opening a sex doll’s mouth

Video Reviews

naked sex doll sitting on a wooden chair

What is a Sex Doll?

These certainly aren’t the dolls you played with growing up. And they are a far cry from the poorly designed and outright laughable ‘blow up’ dolls used as gag items at bachelor parties.

Today, the modern sex doll, sometimes referred to as a ‘love doll’, is a ‘next level’ sex toy, bringing together unparalleled realism and offering an exhilarating and unique experience like none other.

Sex Dolls are Available in Several Configurations:

Full Body (heat, chest, thorax, pelvis, arms and legs etc.)

Head Only

Pelvis Only

Pelvis And Midsection

Other Partial Body Configurations

As you may have gathered from the name, sex dolls come with fully integrated and artfully designed artificial sexual organs such as: anus, mouth, vagina and/or penis. Each of which can be used for sexual stimulation and gratification.
Some models even integrate AI (artificial intelligence), vibrating or moving parts, warmed skin, and other features that really bring the doll to life.

Can These Sex Dolls
Be Customized?

You bet your (and the doll’s ass) that they can be! A big part of the fun when buying a sex doll is to make it exactly how you want it. Cater to your every sexual desire and open up to a world of possibilities.

Love doll manufacturers know that everyone has different preferences and tastes when it comes to sex appeal, desire and attractiveness. As such, each of the dolls we promote is highly customizable.

Just how customizable can you get?

Options For Most Dolls Include:

Sexual orientation

Type of head

The shape of face and facial characteristics

Hair color and style (easily interchangeable with wigs)

Breast/chest size

Height and weight

Waist size


Skin tone

Eye color

Nipple size and color

Nail color

Pubic hair

Vagina labia and lips

And more…

Want to get even more exotic? How about elvish dolls? Or anime-inspired dolls. The possibilities are virtually endless.

fully naked sex doll wearing a necklace

The Most Realistic Sex Dolls

High Quality: Silicone Vs TPE Sex Dolls TPE

Known as Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE), this proprietary blend of rubber and plastic offers incredible durability, elasticity, and flexibility. It also provides a good degree of realism, with the ability to hold a variety of positions.

Types of TPE

Standard: reliable and time-tested, this is the basic type of TPE used in most dolls

Extra Jiggly: If you’re looking for a jello-like feel and super soft touch, this is the TPE option for you. Be advised however, if you like it ‘rough’ this type of TPE is prone to damage including ripping when subject to rough play.

Platinum TPE: As the name implies, this type of TPE is treated with platinum and is similar to silicone in both looks and touch. It is also more durable than standard TPE.


Essentially a specialized type of rubber, silicone is less ‘sticky’ than TPE, and is much more resistant to stains, heat and moisture. It requires little maintenance, and is considered to be hyper-realistic. That said, it is also much more expensive, making many dolls made with silicone out of financial reach for the average customer.

Who Buys a Sex Doll?

Once a taboo subject, sex dolls have gone mainstream. Sex dolls have now entered the fray en masse, grabbing up a big share of the more than 29 billion dollar sex toy market.
Turns out, the market for sex dolls isn’t just big, it’s diverse.
Let’s take a look at who and why someone might purchase a sex doll…


Bedroom fatigue is a real thing, and sometimes the incorporation of traditional toys just doesn’t cut it. For some couples, a sex doll is a safe and effective way to spice up their sex lives. From trying out new positions and techniques to intensifying the reality of role playing, to adding a ‘third’ without the risk of guilt or jealousy, sex dolls can help couples keep the passion alive.

Emotional Challenges

In some situations, people may have emotional or psychiatric issues that prevent them from being intimate with others. PTSD, performance anxiety, agoraphobia, and more all make sex with another partner difficult. Sex dolls provide a way for these people to engage sexually without the risk of rejection, trauma or stress. The sex is always on their terms, and always within the bounds of what they feel comfortable with.

Coping with Loss

Experiencing the loss of a loved one, either from separation or death can leave a gaping hole in anyone’s life. For some, companionship and intimacy with another person is too soon because the emotional wounds are too fresh. Yet we all have needs, and a sex doll can help us get through the stages of grief and to regain confidence in and out of the bedroom.

Physical Challenges

Having a deformity or a physical disability due to birth defects, injuries or accidents can make socializing and finding a sexual partner a challenge. Although many people are able to overcome this, sometimes lack of physical intimacy can be devastating. Sexual health is as important as is mental and physical well-being, and a sex doll offers a safe and reliable way for anyone to partake.


Given the life-like realism of these dolls, many photographers purchase these dolls, not for sexual purposes, but to spend time dressing and accessorizing the dolls for photo shoots, including brand promotions, to show off clothing and jewellery and more.

Difficulty Finding a Sexually Compatible Partner

Those in the LGBTQ community have a smaller dating pool to work with, and for those in smaller or rural areas, finding a sexually compatible partner can be a real challenge. In other cases, certain fetishes may make finding someone willing to participate difficult. Sex dolls offer an alternative and next best thing to a real person, offering a lifelike experience to help fill the void.

How Long Will a Sex Doll Last?
- what’s the lifespan

This depends, in part, on how rough you are with your toys (wink wink). That said, the sex dolls we review are made from the highest quality materials and engineered to perform and look as good as they feel. These dolls can last 10+ years when well-maintained.

What Does a Sex Doll Vagina Actually
Feel Like?

We’re not here to beat around the pubic bush. So let’s get to it. The one question on every man’s mind…what does a love doll’s vagina feel like? How close to the real thing is it?

As one of the most important aspects of the doll, meticulous care, engineering, and artistic designs are used to mimic the exact structure, look and feel of a real vagina. From labia lips to an internal cave that is identical to that of the real thing.
Best of all, each vagina can be removed for easy cleaning, and replaced with vaginal tubes of varying sizes, depth, width, tightness, ribbing and more.
When warmed and lubed, you’ll forget its not the real thing.

The Best Place to Buy
High-Quality Sex Dolls?

With so many cheap knock-offs on the market, finding a reliable manufacturer can be a challenge. Given that the subject is still a bit taboo in some circles, asking a friend for a suggestion also isn’t a great option.

Luckily, we’ve put in the work, spending hours talking with manufacturers and brands, handling the products, and vetting them for quality, value, realism, durability and more.

At the end of the day, when it comes to the best sex dolls, few compare to Sex Doll Genie.

naked sex doll inside the bathroom
doll sitting on white table with sex doll genie logo at the corner

Why buy a Realistic Sex Doll from Us?

Build Quality

Sex Doll Genie dolls are made with artful care and subject to extensive quality control measures. The build quality as compared to the competition is impressive. The dolls are rigid in all the right places and squishy in others. You can tell they are made to last.

Non-toxic Eco-Friendly Materials

Made from medical grade and high-quality TPE, these dolls are hypoallergenic and safe for skin-to-skin contact. We can’t say the same for cheap knockoffs from China…you remember, the country that put lead in its children’s toys. Don’t risk your health on an overseas no-name brand.


Built to last, TPE sex dolls are known to provide pleasure for 10+ years on average, but can last a lot longer depending on use can care.


Sex Doll Genie really goes the extra mile in this category, with each doll as realistic as they come. From precise facial features and nuances to

Sex Doll Selection and Variety

Sex Doll Genie offers one of the broadest selections of realistic sex dolls in the industry. With hundreds of dolls and a virtually limitless combination of features, there’s something for everyone.

Options Include:

Skin color



Chest size

Fantasy genres (elves for example)

Age (i.e. Milfs)

Hair color



And more....

As you may have gathered from the name, sex dolls come with fully integrated and artfully designed artificial sexual organs such as: anus, mouth, vagina and/or penis. Each of which can be used for sexual stimulation and gratification.
Some models even integrate AI (artificial intelligence), vibrating or moving parts, warmed skin, and other features that really bring the doll to life.

doll wearing blue short wig
white-skinned sex doll with blue eyes sitting on a bed


With prices as low as $1300, Sex Doll Genie offers incredible value on high-end, hyper-realistic sex dolls. When others in the market start their prices at $3000+, this brand stands out as one that offers a lot without breaking the bank.

Customization and Features

With Sex Doll Genie you can literally make your doll customized to your unique sexual whims and desires.

Customization Options Include:


Touch-sensitive features (such as moaning)

Complete body heating

Implanted hair (wig-free)

Extra soft breasts

Extra jiggly TPE

Naturally shrugging shoulders

AI (artificial intelligence) – moveable lips, eyes and neck

Enhanced Blowjob doll models

Tattoos and body art

Flexible/posable fingers and toes

And so much more!

Customer Care and Support

Unbeatable support and customer care. The company even has a forum for discussions where users can interact directly with other members or ask the company questions.

The Best Sex Dolls Reviews – everything you need to find the best sex doll

If you’ve been on the fence about getting a sex doll, use this guide and our other reviews to help you find the perfect match made in sex doll heaven. Fact is, the industry has come a LONG way, with new and innovative features that are as exhilarating and exciting as they are realistic.