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sex-doll-brooklynn-155cm-5-0-d-cup-sex-doll-genie_2000xWe’ve read about it. We’ve seen it on the big screen. Heck, some of us have even dreamed about it (no shame).

A life-sized sex doll capable of true artificial intelligence along with animatronics that mimic a real human being.

Although we’re only at the forefront of this emerging market, considerable strides have already been made, with the first iterations now refined for large-scale production and available at prices that make them accessible to the masses.

In this piece, we explore how sex dolls apply artificial intelligence to enhance the experience and even create more meaningful connections with their owners.

Sex Dolls and AI: an introduction

Artificial intelligence is here to stay, with AI being integrated across a wide range of industries and applications. From our refrigerators to medical equipment, and yes, even sex dolls, AI is shaping the landscape of our future.

Historically speaking, several innovations have been driven by the ‘sex’ industry. The porn industry alone is a $97 billion industry worldwide, giving it the means and motive to invest in innovation and technology. We’ve already seen the adult entertainment industry tap into virtual reality (VR), using it with and without sex dolls to drive mass-market adoption.

With some AI applications already focused on mimicking or replicating human dynamics (Weng et al., 2009), it seems a logical leap that sex dolls would be outfitted with such technology.

By using AI, sex doll manufacturers can seek to meet both the physical, as well as the emotional demands and needs of its customer base.

Although this may seem like far-fetched science fiction, we can assure you it is anything but. Some sex dolls on the market today are already capable of detecting and reacting to movement and touch, as well as head-turning/tilting, blinking and brow movements, and having a conversation (Realbotix, 2014Mlot, 2018). Capabilities range from understanding, predicting and fulfilling informational requests and remembering facts, to participating in an engaging conversation and understanding it’s partner’s emotional state (Shen, 2019).

Sex Dolls and Technology: a match made in manmade heaven

There’s no question that ‘sex sells’, and with the advent of sex dolls that look, feel, and now react like a real human, the lines between reality and pleasure are being blurred in exciting new ways.

Emerging technologies like AI offer accessibility to experiences previously unavailable or inaccessible for a wide range of reasons ranging from medical to geographical.

Sex Dolls and Emotion

New developments in AI now enable ‘the machines’ to interpret and react to human emotions. While an AI-enabled sex doll can’t feel the rush of adrenaline, or a deep depression, they factually can understand how that affects humans, and can react to their companion’s emotions accordingly.

They may be able to:

But AI isn’t just meant for YOU. No, AI is pushing the bounds of what is possible, empowering sex dolls to have their own opinions, ‘feelings’ and more. While you will likely always have some degree of control as to their overall demeanor, in other instances you may not. For example, scholarly debates have arisen regarding sexual consent and sex dolls. While these inquiries raise more questions than they do answers, we expect to see more of this in the future.

A Deeper Connection

Artificial intelligence can be applied in sex dolls to create a more meaningful connection with its owner. While most people think of sex dolls for, well, sex, many consumers rely on them for so much more.

Sex doll owners often purchase sex dolls to reduce the feeling of being alone, gain social confidence, and even for companionship itself. However, earlier models offered little in terms of actual emotional, physical, verbal or intellectual feedback.

Today, AI is being applied for use in sex dolls to remedy this, creating or letting the owner mold entire personalities as if it were a real person they were engaging with.

Physically, AI is being used to sense motion, touch, pressure and even pleasure, enabling sex dolls to respond accordingly to physical intimacy by reciprocating (such as vaginal contractions, moaning, lubrication, and more).

sex-doll-arielle-150cm-4-11-k-cup-sex-doll-genie_2000xA Therapeutic Tool?

Some consumers choose to purchase a sex doll for intimacy (not necessarily sexual), as well as to help them cope with various social or medical challenges they might face.

Agoraphobic individuals, for example, are clinically afraid to leave the house, making it near impossible to meet someone in person. Those with severe anxiety may be unable to socially interact with prospective mates. Others may have a disability or medical condition that makes them feel unattractive or unwanted by those whom they are attracted to. Still yet, some individuals have certain kinks that may be dangerous or difficult to find a partner to consensually participate in.

In all such circumstances (and more), applying artificial intelligence to sex dolls offers the hope of working through those challenges in a safe, private, non-judgmental environment that can build confidence and satisfy basic human needs.

The Perfect Girlfriend / Boyfriend / Mate?

A completely customizable girlfriend, boyfriend, or companion is already here…physically. Sex dolls already support a vast multitude of customizations for virtually every single physical aspect of the doll.

But artificial intelligence is now being applied to enable consumers to customize the PERSONALITY, emotion, intelligence, sense of humor and more of their sex dolls.

Although we’re in the early stages of what this might eventually evolve to, it is nevertheless an exciting prospect.

The Future Looks Bright for AI and Sex Dolls

Sex dolls are quickly approaching mainstream adoption and acceptance, slowly shedding the stigma associated with what was once a taboo subject matter.

Fact is, we all have our reasons, but no matter what they are, sex doll manufacturers are stepping up to the challenge, adopting new and innovative technology such as artificial intelligence to make the experience with these products an unforgettable one.