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Brand: Irontech Doll

Alia – 158cm | 5′ 2 – H Cup

The princess of the Jungles is back and she seeks a dong that can make all her wishes come true. It has been a tough life for me staying in the wild all this long, without any man to give me the pleasure that I have been seeking for so long. But now that I am back from the forests, I want to have some fun and I want it right now! Just have a look at my tits. No one has ever fondled them and they are getting so big. I want someone who can squeeze them hard to make the milk come out of them. My tight, virgin pussy has been deprived of a penis all my life and now, I don’t want to feel that deprivation ever again! I am Alia, the stunning TPE sex doll with an impeccable figure, an ebony virgin pussy and a nice round ass that can be all yours if you promise to fuck me harder than any wild animal I have ever seen! I am going to lay down on this table, so you can lick my pussy well and make me cum on your manly face. And once I orgasm, I get aroused like hell and want something big inside my wet pussy! The bananas of the forest were not cutting the deal for me, so I hope your dick is bigger and better, for both our sakes!


  • Material:TPE
  • Height (With Face Included):158 cm / 62.2 inch
  • Breast Line: 95 cm / 37.4 inch
  • Under Breast Line:63.5 cm / 25 inch
  • Waist Line:58 cm / 22.8 inch
  • Hip Line:105 cm / 41.3 inch
  • Shoulder Width:37.5 cm / 14.7 inch
  • Thigh Line:60 cm / 23.6 inch  
  • Calf Line: 38.5 cm / 15.1 inch
  • Arm:62.5 cm / 24.6 inch
  • Leg (waist to feet):90 cm / 35.4 inch
  • Feet:21.5cm / 8.4 inch 
  • Net Weight:45 kg / 99.2 lbs

Upgraded skeleton features:

The new upgraded Irontech skeleton has been developed to offer enhanced doll experience. The features are as below:

1. Double joints neck for a more realistic neck posture;

2. Shoulder joints upgrades, which enable shoulder to perform like a real human;

3. Easier head swapping design;

4. All the skeletons are upgraded for more tough and realistic performance.&nbsp