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Brand: JY Dolls

Anja – 171cm | 5′ 5 – K Cup (Hybrid – Silicone Head + TPE Body) incl. Implanted Hair


Elegant, erotic, and enchanting, Anja has got everything that can entice the interest of a doll lover. JY Dolls, one of the finest doll manufacturers in the world is the one that brought this sexy piece of work into existence. Anja is a special piece of work and we are sure you would agree with us once you get a glimpse of hersultry design. She is a hybrid doll with a silicone head and a body nurtured out of TPE. Plus, she comes with implanted hair. That certainly is a nice addition to her spectacular design. To talk about her aesthetics, Anja has a stellar appearance. It’s really hard to tell her apart from an actual person and that’s really saying something. 

Now, let’s get into the meat of the matter, i.e. let’s discuss her assets. Anja is a K cup doll with tits owning a measurement of 35.83 inches. Are those tits massive? Yes, they surely are. Her ass carries a size of 34.25 inches. Anja stands 5 feet and 6 inches tall which designates her as a tall doll. So, there is one more reason for you to say yes to this lifelike doll. So, Anja has some huge busts, a sexy ass, and of course a tall height. This all means she has to be a heavyweight doll, right? Well, not quite. Anja weighs 42.5 kgs which slots her as a mediumweight doll. It’s just like we said, this one is a special piece of work. 

Exploring the customization options for full-size doll Anja

Choose a different head –For Anja, there is a wide pool of interesting head options that you can check out. You are sure to find the head that better suits your taste and style. 

The eye color –Do you want to give a new shade to those sexy eyes of Anja? Well, you are in luck as there are 3 elegant eye color shades available for you to choose from. 

Vagina type –There are two vagina options that are available for Anja. There is the fixed vagina and then there is the removable vagina. Needless to say, you can side with either of the options. 

Stand-up feet –The stand-up feet is a premium feature that can be regarded as an essential upgrade for any doll. It allows the dolls to stand without having to rely on any support. A handy feature we say. 

Weight reduction –This is where things take an interesting turn. As the name may suggest, the weight reduction feature is designed to reduce the weight of the doll. We tell you, this feature is a healthy investment. 

Why is Anja the best lifelike doll?

Bold, busty, and beautiful, Anja is practically everything that you seek out in a lifelike doll. She is a hybrid doll with a design that will leave you speechless. With Anja, you can play out all your fetishes and desires that you hold deep within your thoughts. In a way of putting it, she is a desirable doll partner. 

Note: This hybrid doll has a premium TPE body + silicone head with implanted hair It has no oral function. 


  • Material:Silicone Head + TPE Body
  • Height171cm / 5’ft 6″
  • Weight:42.5kgs / 93.7lbs
  • Full Bust:91cm / 35.83 inch
  • Under Bust:61cm / 24.02 inch
  • Waist:57cm / 22.44 inch
  • Hips:87cm / 34.25 inch
  • Depth of Vagina:20cm / 7.87 inch
  • Depth of Anus:14cm / 5.51 inch