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Brand: Jarliet Dolls

Genny – 166cm | 5′ 4 – K Cup

Brand: Jarliet Dolls

A busty blonde in sexy lingerie lying on a bed, waiting for you to make a move. Sounds downright sexy, doesn’t it? A perfect recipe that can spice up your day. Folks, it’s time for you to meet Genny. She is one sexy babe that has that inviting look like she wants you to feast on her. Well, once you fondle her massive 39.37 inches (100 cm) breasts, you won’t be thinking of anything else. Her 33.86 inches (86 cm) booty also smells erotic. Jarliet Dolls made sure that this busty doll serves you the pleasures of intimacy with her irresistible body. The thought of gently squeezing her nice, big tits while she complies with your sexual mood, if this isn’t hot, then we don’t know what is. The K cup stature of Genny is well-complemented by her 5 feet and 4 inches (166 cm) height. She can keep your bedroom hot and spread the aroma of erotic. Her 7 inches (18 cm) vaginal depth and her butthole that also goes 7 inches deep are perfect for you to try your vivid fetishes. Also, she has an oral depth of 5 inches (13 cm) to satiate your desire for oral sex.

Making love with her on your couch or munching on her body in your bedroom, that’s how you can celebrate your weekend with her. Now, there are some customization options for Genny that you should consider. For starters, you get her a new head, if the default one isn’t hot enough for you. You can also change her hairstyle from a decent pool of choices. Her skin and eye color are also customizable. With the shrugging shoulder feature, you can enhance her skeleton in a more realistic tone. For the vagina, you can freely choose between the removable and fixed variants. It’s all but a question of convenience when it comes to the vagina. Like her shoulders, her feet can also be enhanced via the stand-up-feet feature. This will allow Genny to stand without leaning on for support. Genny is a busty doll and to leave out her busts from the customization circle is simply out of the question. You are given two options to go with – solid breast or hollow breast. Pick the one you prefer. Under the column of accessories, you should get the full-body-heating feature. Another accessory that you should not miss out on is the storage case. It will serve you with two major benefits. First, you won’t have to allot Genny a separate room in the name of apt storage. Second, the storage case is specifically designed to keep dolls safe and secure. So, it’s two birds with one case. A heavy chested blonde with a bold personality that offers a ton of customization options, that’s Genny for you. We say she is worth a lot more than her modest price tag.



  • Material: TPE
  • Height166cm / 5’ft 4″
  • Weight:40kgs / 88.18lbs
  • Breast:100cm / 39.37 inch
  • Waist:50cm / 19.69 inch
  • Hips:86cm / 33.86 inch
  • Vaginal Depth:  18cm / 7 inch
  • Anal Depth: 18cm / 7 inch
  • Oral Depth: 13cm / 5 inch