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Brand: YL Doll

Lorena – 150cm | 5’0 – D Cup

Brand: YL Doll

The woman who just loves alluring the crowd with her titillating charms, that’s definitely Lorena. One thing we say with utmost certainty is that this woman has an appetite, a giant appetite. In case you are wondering, we were not referring to her eating habits. Lorena is filled with lust and her rousing style and personality just make it impossible for a mere mortal to escape her charm. You could call her a straightforward doll lady. Being shy and subtle are the concepts that she does not exactly prefer wearing. Lorena likes to keep it obvious. She is feisty and prefers that her partner stays aware of it. This is what makes her highly attractive. Another thing that makes her alluring and irresistible is her sexy physique. We won’t slot her as an extremely busty or a big ass doll. However, what she has is enough to leave you drooling and captivated. Lorena is bold and we mean in an erotic manner. This woman does not leave anything to the imagination. She is sexy and you are interested then why not mingle it out. That’s essentially her core philosophy. Oh and we forgot to mention, Lorena has a thing for younger guys. If the word “cougar” touched your thoughts, then your observation deserves a medal. YL Dolls did a fantastic job with Lorena and there is no other way of putting it. Her design is virtually flawless and thanks to the top-tier TPE employed in her creation, she looks too damn realistic.

Now, it’s about time we got into the topic of assets and measurements. Lorena is a D cup beauty with busts measuring 32.2 inches (82 cm). As we have already stated, she is not that busty, but you would be gravely wrong if you think that dims down her sexual appeal. Lorena has an amazing ass of 34.6 inches (88 cm). So, that’s one ass that’s worth worshipping. Well, we aren’t quite done with her measurements as there are some depths that demand exploring. Lorena has a 6.7 inches (17 cm) vaginal depth. You can imagine the fun you would have during your vanilla session. Her anal hole carries the same 6.7 inches (17 cm) depth. You can’t stay satiated with vanilla alone, can you? However, to further make things spicy, there is her 5.1 inches (13 cm) oral depth. Lorena does not sport a tall height as she stands 5 feet (150 cm) tall. So, if you fancy short girls, then she is your babe. Next, let’s talk about her weight. She weighs around 30 kgs (64 lbs). That’s a very modest weight for a doll that offers so much. For personalizations, there is a lot you can do in that regard. Like with many other dolls, you can swap her head with a new one. You can also change her hairstyle, personalize the color of her nipples and fingernails, customize her shoulders, and even grab some other useful accessories.



  • Height:150cm | 5’0″
  • Weight: 64lbs
  • Material: Solid TPE
  • Bust: 32.2 in. | 82cm
  • Waist: 22 in. | 56cm
  • Hip: 34.6 in. | 88cm
  • Vagina Depth: 6.7 in. | 17cm
  • Anal Depth: 6.7 in. | 17cm
  • Oral Depth: 5.1 in. | 13cm
  • Vagina Diameter: 1.5cm
  • Anal Diameter: 1.5cm
  • Nipple Diameter: 1.18 in. | 3cm
  • Bra Size: 28 D
  • Foot Length: 8.1 in. | 20.5cm
  • Shoe: U.S.3 | Euro 34-35