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Brand: Irontech Doll

Bailey – 170cm | 5′ 6 – H Cup

Being a good secretary is no easy job. Loads of work piled up on your desk with numerous calls to attend, my day is hectic and full of tension. And in addition to that, if you have a boss that is strict and rude, life can really get miserable and drastic. Sitting all day long at my workstation and slogging different tasks has made my life monotonous and when I get home, I look forward to nothing but crashing on my bed. And due to this tendency of mine, my sex life has gone south and there is no intimacy left in this worthless living anymore. But I would like to change things for good this time. My name is Bailey, a stunning TPE sex doll that stands tall at 5’6 and I am ready to change my sex life for good now. And the idea that I have in mind is arousing and too hot to turn anyone on. I am going to find a good guy at work and we are going to have our moments in the office! We are going to get intimate the moment we get a chance and hiding in the office cabinets, I am going to unbutton my shirt to get my boobs fondled! I am too horny and eager to get my panties pulled down and get fucked from the behind like the dirty girl that I am!


  • Material:TPE
  • Height:170 cm / 66.9 inch
  • Breast Line:91 cm / 35.8 inch
  • Under Breast Line: 71.5 cm / 28.1 inch
  • Waistline: 64 cm / 25.1 inch
  • Hip Line: 108 cm / 42.5 inch
  • Thigh Line: 57 cm / 22.4 inch
  • Calf Line: 32 cm / 12.5 inch
  • Feet Size: 23 cm / 9 inch
  • Shoulder Width: 35 cm / 13.7 inch
  • Weight:45 kg / 99.2 lbs
  • Package: 160*53*40 cm

Upgraded skeleton features:

The new upgraded Irontech skeleton has been developed to offer enhanced doll experience. The features are as below:

1. Double joints neck for a more realistic neck posture;

2. Shoulder joints upgrades, which enable shoulder to perform like a real human;

3. Easier head swapping design;

4. All the skeletons are upgraded for more tough and realistic performance.&nbsp