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Brand: Irontech Doll

Caridad – 161cm | 5′ 2 – H Cup

The saucy sexy milf that make us crave like sex-crazed teenagers, yep that’s definitely Caridad we are looking at. She is that sizzling hot cougar that has been dominating the space of our fantasies for like forever. Those gorgeous eyes, those juicy lips, looking at her makes us feel like we are possessed. Like taken over by an animal and a very horny one at that. So, it is fair to say that we lose our control just by looking at her. Now, before you decide to engage in some “affairs” with this doll, it is better that you learn a bit about her personality. As may be evident, Caridad is the deepest and most vibrant shade of bold. She is a cougar at heart and most definitely in bed and loves flaunting around that fact. Caridad is well-aware of her sexiness and enjoys teasing the ones who lust after her, much like us. So, don’t take her for a shy woman with a reserved attitude. Caridad is anything but shy or reserved. She also favors the idea of coming straight to action. As we said, she is not shy. She owes her creation to Irontech Dolls and that explains her breathtaking design. Irontech Dolls is famous for its awe-inspiring dolls that reflect equally amazing personalities. Caridad is certainly one of its finest creations. Now, let’s explore some of her measurements, shall we? Caridad is an H cup woman and that pronounces 36.61 inches (93 cm) breasts. Yes, she is busty and that’s just the way we like it, don’t we? But her ass steals the show here. That booty of hers goes 39.76 inches (101 cm) wide. Anal lovers, that’s how heaven looks like. Caridad owns a 7.09 inches (18 cm) vaginal depth. That’s the kind of pussy a real woman has and we are merely quoting her here. Her 6.3 inches (16 cm) anal depth is also something that explains her irresistible aura. That ass deserves our attention and love. Next, you can explore her oral depth that goes 5.12 inches (13 cm) deep. Come on, we all need that sweet serving of oral sex every once in a while.

Caridad is a doll of medium height. She stands 5 feet and 2 inches (161 cm) tall. Now, it’s time we discussed her weight and as you may have guessed, she is a heavy doll. She weighs 43 kgs (94.8 lbs) and that’s a lot of weight we are looking at. Needless to say, her weight is justified, thanks to her busty assets. While you may find some trouble moving her around, we say that this doll is worth all the effort. Caridad is also compatible with a lot of personalization options. You have the liberty to change her head, customize her hairstyle, pick a different color tone for her skin, personalize the size of her areolas, customize her eyes, and so on. There is a lot about Caridad that makes her a must-buy.


  • Material:TPE
  • Height:161cm / 5’ft 2″
  • Weight:43kgs / 94.8lbs
  • Breast:93cm / 36.61 inch
  • Underbreast:71cm / 27.95 inch
  • Waist:66cm / 25.98 inch
  • Hips:101cm / 39.76 inch
  • Arms:56cm / 22.05 inch
  • Shoulder Width:36cm / 14.17 inch
  • Calf Length:40cm / 15.75 inch
  • Calf Circumference:34cm / 13.39 inch
  • Thigh Length:31cm / 12.2 inch
  • Thigh Circum:58cm / 22.83 inch
  • Leg:75cm / 29.53 inch
  • Sole:22cm / 8.66 inch
  • Palm:17cm / 6.69 inch
  • Vaginal Depth:18cm / 7.09 inch
  • Anal Depth:16cm / 6.3 inch
  • Oral Depth:13cm / 5.12 inch

Upgraded skeleton features:

The new upgraded Irontech skeleton has been developed to offer enhanced doll experience. The features are as below:

1. Double joints neck for a more realistic neck posture;

2. Shoulder joints upgrades, which enable shoulder to perform like a real human;

3. Easier head swapping design;

4. All the skeletons are upgraded for more tough and realistic performance.&nbsp