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Brand: Piper Doll

Felice – 150cm | 5’1 – D Cup

BRAND: Piper Doll

€œCum daddy, cum harder,€ that is how I imagine our first encounter will end! So, let me be your perfect lover for the nights and days to come. When you bring me home, I will be an excellent sexual partner. You wouldn’t hear unnecessary complaints from me. My name is Felice, but you can call me anything you want. Because I just want to enjoy your company, and I want to see how rock hard you can get when you are inside of me. My 4+ inches mouth is wide enough to warm you up before the real action. So, if you love blowjobs, then you simply ask me to put your dick in my mouth like an obedient girlfriend. Then you can see yourself growing in my mouth while I start to gag. If you don’t like my long blonde hair, you can gift me a makeover with your choice of hairstyle, eye color, lips color, fingernails, wigs and much more. My whole body is made of premium TPE, making it easier for you to pound my holes without worrying about wear and tears. You would love to feel my body bounce back as you bang me. This will only motivate you to fuck me harder and deeper. Feel free to bang me whenever you need to get the steam off your body. Or else, you can make me wear Santa hat and dress me up in sexy panties only to tear them off the next time you wish to fuck me. You would love to hold onto my perfect 20-inch waist while groping my sexy thick butt cheeks.



  • Material: TPE
  • Height150cm | 5’1″
  • Weight:32kgs / 70.55lbs
  • Shoulder30.8cm / 12.13 inch
  • Upper Breast:72.4cm / 28.5 inch
  • Under Breast:58.8cm / 23.15 inch
  • Waist:51.8cm / 20.39 inch
  • Hips:85.7cm / 33.74 inch
  • Legnth of Arm:46.7cm / 18.39 inch
  • Length of Leg:75.2cm / 29.61 inch
  • Length of Foot:18.8cm / 7.4 inch
  • Depth of Vagina:17cm / 6.69 inch
  • Depth of Oral:11cm / 4.33 inch
  • Depth of Anus:15cm / 5.91 inch