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Brand: JY Dolls

Kady – 162cm | 5′ 3 – G Cup

Brand:JY Dolls

If you ask us, Kady is a level beyond thicc and voluptuous. These terminologies can’t seem to appropriately define Kady. By all means and regards, this one is not your average doll. Her allure is not something that a regular human can sustain. Ever heard of death by over-stimulation? That’s just Kady. JY Dolls simply struck a masterstroke with this beyond-busty doll. We go on with her praise and, well, practically worship the curves of this sexy being. But we know, you need something €œsolid€ to bank your trust. So, let’s take a look at her measurements. The busts of Kady hold size of 38.6 inches (98 cm). That’s well above massive tits if you ask us. But we are talking about Kady and she might have something that is more than massive. Her bootylicious booty measures 42.9 inches (109 cm). This is the spot where we Google the synonyms of ultra-massive. Well, we just ran out of words to explain the beauty of this gorgeous lady. While we are on the subject, let’s get to know about her other, more interesting measurements as well. The vaginal depth of Kady goes 6.7 inches (17 cm) deep. We see some spicy vaginal sessions here. Moving on, her anal depth owns a measurement of 5.5 inches (14 cm). You can’t cling on to vanilla for eternity. Sometimes, you should change the cuisine with some anal fun. Finally, we would like to mention her 5.1 inches (13 cm) oral depth. We don’t need to explain anything here. We all love it, don’t we?

The height of Kady is above average, so to say. She stands 5 feet and 3 inches (162 cm) tall. Now that everything is said and done, we would like to reveal something about Kady. She is a doll not meant for everyone. As you might have imagined, those big, bulky, and juicy assets of hers add a lot to her weight. She weighs 49 kg (108.0 lbs). So, it becomes abundantly clear that this one is not everyone’s doll. You need some big, bulging biceps to move her around. It seems she was designed for big, bulky folks. Well, you can’t have a curvy girl like her just like that. Now, we know you might want to know about personalization and stuff. The good news is, Kady is more than compatible with a lot of customizations. Like many other dolls in the market, you can get her a new head. You have a lot of options for her hairstyle as well. Pick the one that makes you say €œperfect.€ Next, you can personalize her eyes, change the color of her fingernails and toenails, and change the tone of her skin. All in a day’s job. For her breasts, you can pick between the solid and the hollow variant. You are provided with options for her vagina as well. There is the fixed vagina and then there is the removable one. You are free to go with your preference.


  • Material: TPE
  • Neck:26 cm |10.2 inch
  • Shoulder Breadth:36 cm |14.2 inch
  • Arm Length:63 cm |24.8 inch
  • Palm Length:14 cm |5.5 inch
  • Leg Length:81 cm |31.9 inch
  • Foot Length:21 cm |8.3 inch
  • Full Bust:98 cm |38.6 inch
  • Under Bust:69 cm |27.2 inch
  • Waist:62 cm |24.4 inch
  • Hip:109 cm |42.9 inch
  • Weight:49 kg |108.0 lbs.
  • Oral Depth:13 cm |5.1 inch
  • Vaginal Depth:17 cm |6.7 inch
  • Anal Depth:14 cm |5.5 inch
  • Packing Size: 150*42*35 cm |59.1*16.5*13.8inch