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Brand: JY Dolls

Keith – 166cm | 5′ 4 – H Cup

Brand: JY Dolls

Doll Description

Keith is gorgeous looking premium sex doll offered by the reputed JY doll brand. She comes feature-packed with several customization options. Keith’s sexy h-cup boobs and a thick booty makes her look stunning in any outfit. At this affordable price point, Keith is certainly worth your time and money. 

Let’s listen to what’s on Keith’s mind in her own words –

Looking for a companion who is horny and extremely flexible? If so, then I might be your ultimate find. Hi, my JY doll name is Keith, and I have a gorgeous H cup breast to keep you pleased. You are free to squeeze, lick, suck, and bite these life-like titties. I can offer you some amazing time together if you let me. As it is, I have been looking for someone like you for long. I know for sure that you can end this search and bring me home. Order me today and let’s meet like true lovers in the privacy of your home. 

I am moderately tall and weigh just 38 kilograms. So, you wouldn’t have trouble positioning and moving me around. My gorgeous body looks amazing when I am dressed in denim. Don’t like denim on your girl? Buy me something new or simply ask me to take them off. You will be marvelled at the sight of my stunning naked tpe body. Feel my smooth life-like legs and thick thighs when you meet me. And in on time, you would want to get into my pants pushing your dick deep inside my tight unused vagina. Vaginal sex sounds boring to you? No worries for I am 100% yours to explore and use. A tight deep anal sex, if that’s what you like, you can enjoy it every day. May be multiple times a day if you wish. 

My tight anal is made to simulate a real women’s butthole and you will be surprised how deep I can take it. Forget about foul smells and unwanted cuts. With me, you get an odorless, clean and disinfected unused butthole. Something you can bang for hours. However, it does requires some practice and lots of lube to make it even more exciting.

If you don’t like me in shoulder-length brunette hair, then you can choose to change it before you place the order. Unhappy with my present wig color? Why not pick the one you like most. Choose from brunette, blonde or redhead options. You also get to choose my eye color, wig type, toenails, and style of my pubic hair and vagina. Choose what you like the most and turn me into a completely unique companion. Made only to please you and be on your side all the time. Come try me out and I am sure you will love to have me around.  

What Makes Keith Special?

  1. It is priced below 2,000 and is an excellent bargain for anyone looking for a sexy real doll without burning hole in their pocket.
  2. Keith is a feature-packed TPE doll made by a reputed brand €“ JY. A strong body frame, stunning makeup and a premium grade material gives this doll an elegant look.
  3. Comes with over 9+ free customization options to suit the needs of every user. Want a black doll with the same looks? You are free to change the skin color of the doll to black or something else. These free custom options are worth exploring before you place an order.
  4. Advanced customization features like €“ selecting the Type of TPE and Standing Foot can really help your doll stand apart. For a small discounted price, you can get these features for your doll.
  5. Keith like all other SDG dolls is delivered straight to your doorstep discreetly. And guess what, it’s 100% free! Free international shipping makes this deal a no-brainer.
  6. Want your realistic doll to have both €“ pussy and a dick? You would be surprised how it easy it is to add a €˜Penis Insert’ to your order. This removable doll penis is an excellent choice for couples who wish to share the doll. You have many different add-on accessories you can add to your order if you want. 



  • Height166cm / 5’ft 4″
  • Weight:38kgs / 83.78lbs
  • Upper Breasts:90cm / 35.43 inch
  • Under breasts:59cm / 23.23 inch
  • Waist:52cm / 20.47 inch
  • Hips:96cm / 37.8 inch
  • Depth of Oral:12cm / 4.72 inch
  • Depth of Vagina:16cm / 6.3 inch
  • Depth of Anus:14cm / 5.51 inch