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Brand: Irontech Doll

Lia – 150cm | 5’0 – B Cup


Brand: Irontech Doll

School is such a fun place to be. And quite recently, I am getting the best grades in the class and this is making my friends and foes envious of my achievement. Well, I owe the credit of this success to the new class teacher as he has been a very nice mentor. And not to forget, I have been a very nice student as well, taking care of all his needs in the best way. It was an utter delight to find out that he was someone who was into young girls and wouldn’t take his eyes off me. I used to get so turned on by his glances and one day, I finally made my move in his office and that’s where it all started. My name is Lia and I am TPE sex doll dressed as a slutty schoolgirl, making her teacher happier than ever. He just loves playing with my ass and goes crazy when my tight pussy grinds over his hard cock! Whenever we are alone, he likes to pick me up in his arm and play with my tight ass. But the sad news is that he is getting transferred to another high school and I will be left all alone by myself. But I think you will make a deserving candidate for the post of our new class teacher! I don’t think there is a reason why you would refuse this offer.


  • Material:TPE
  • Height:150cm | 5’0″
  • Breast line: 70cm | 25.7″
  • Underbreastline:57cm | 22″
  • Waistline: 53cm | 21″
  • Hip line:85.5cm | 33.6″
  • Shoulder width: 34cm | 13.4″
  • Thighline: 48cm | 19″ 
  • Calfline: 28cm | 11″ 
  • Arm Length: 56cm | 22″
  • Leg Length:78cm | 30.7″
  • Feet Size: 21.5cm | 8.4″
  • Weight:27kg | 60 lbs