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Madie – 165cm | 5′ 4 – F Cup (Head: G30)


How beautiful is too beautiful? Well, that might sound like a question from a book on romantic philosophy but you might ask the same when you meet Madie. She is a silicone doll with a beauty that will leave you speechless. It might seem like an exaggeration of facts but trust us, that’s just how Madie looks. Her elegance simply knows no bounds. Well, we want it to remain boundless. If we have to explain it in words, we would say it’s a healthy mix of erotic sex appeal and breathtaking beauty. You could say she is both hot and beautiful. Now, who wouldn’t love that? Madie is the masterful creation of Zelex Dolls and needless to say, they really created a masterpiece here. 

Madie is a silicone doll much like all other creations of Zelex Dolls. Her design is hyperrealistic, to say the very least. Looking at her, it becomes too hard to believe that she is actually a doll. If that isn’t amazing, then we don’t know what is. The secret behind her natural and humanlike appearance is the amount of detail present in her design. From her eyes to her lips, to her skin, everything has been structured in a perfect way. Furthermore, Madie owns an aptly durable structure. Her superior design allows her to withstand regular wear and tear. That’s one of the reasons why she is already so popular with the crowd.

Now, we believe it’s time we took a peek at her sexy assets. Well, we all were waiting for it, weren’t we? Madie is an F cup doll with a breast size of 33.07 inches. We bet you won’t be able to resist the invite of her sexy tits. Moving towards her ass, it flaunts a measurement of 36.81 inches. Madie is a medium height doll as she stands around 5 feet and 4 inches tall. Finally, we have her weight to discuss. Madie weighs 36 kgs which designates her as a medium-weight doll. For her sexy assets and height, that weight is more than a fair bargain.  

The customization options for full-size doll Madie

Pick the hairstyle –Starting from the favorite customization section of doll lovers. There are plentiful hairstyle options available for Madie. So, feel free to give this doll a hairdo that you consider sexy.

Choose a different eye color –For Madie, there is interesting customization that allows you to personalize the color of her eyes. We say you do check it out. 

Vagina type –There are two vagina types that you can go with – the built-in vagina and the removable vagina. This goes without saying that you can go with either of the vagina types. 

Choose the color for fingernails –So, you can customize the shade of her fingernails. You know, girls like these kinds of things and we are sure Madie would like it too.

Why is Madie the doll for you?

Madie is easily one of the best dolls ever created. She is beautiful, hot, and can provide you with a memorable sex doll experience.


  • Material: Silicone
  • Head: G30
  • Height:165cm / 5’ft 4″
  • Weight After Packing45kgs / 99.21lbs
  • Weight36kgs / 79.37lbs
  • Upper Bust:84cm / 33.07 inch
  • Under Bust:62cm / 24.41 inch
  • Waist:54cm / 21.26 inch
  • Hips:93.5cm / 36.81 inch
  • Neck:28cm / 11.02 inch
  • Shoulder Width:33cm / 12.99 inch
  • Arm Length:63cm / 24.8 inch
  • Hand Length:17cm / 6.69 inch
  • Leg Length:84cm / 33.07 inch
  • Foot Length:21.5cm / 8.46 inch
  • Packaging Size: 156*46*31cm
  • Vaginal Depth:18cm / 7.09 inch
  • Oral Depth:10cm / 3.94 inch
  • Anal Depth:15cm / 5.91 inch

Zelex dolls comes with gel filled breasts by default except for small and large cup sizes.