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Brand: YL DOLL

Mhargie – 151cm | 5′ 1 – D Cup


The long tiring day needs to end with the perfect blow job. Your dick should be energized and feel the relaxation seep in as you spasm on the love of your life who will never complain about a quickie or the slowest passionate fuck ever. But if you are single, you wouldn’t get so lucky. That’s where I come in. My name is Mhargie, and I want to be your honey. Be it your bedroom or the kitchen floor, my body is always ready for you. The benefit of my TPE body is that you can squeeze every corner of my skin and lick it so hard before you spasm those sperms inside me. My sweet, cute, and bushy pussy will always be neat and clean if you let me be. I would suggest you not to wait for the right night, and let me be your partner in crime for every sexual need as soon as possible. Because darling, I can fulfill them all and as well as rock your world with my wide and generous mouth. In fact, even your past girlfriends wouldn’t have had made you cum like me. So, don’t be shy, and believe me when I say I want to please you every minute of the day. 

I will be there to embrace you when you are feeling low, or splay my body on the bed when you need a fuck. Surprisingly, I don’t even mind if you are married because I won’t speak a word. When there is no one at home, you can play with my life-like tits, pussy, and sleek belly. So, you and I will surely enjoy fucking on your bed that I become your favorite woman for immediate sex or timed blowjobs.


  • Height: 4 ft 11 in. / 151 cm.

  • Weight: 66 lbs. / 29.8 kg.
  • Upper Breast: 28.7 in. / 73 cm.
  • Under Breast: 22.8 in. / 58 cm. 
  • Waist: 20 in. / 51 cm. 
  • Hips: 33.5 in. / 85 cm. 
  • Foot Length: 7.9 in. / 20 cm.
  • Thigh Circumference: 22.4 in. / 57 cm. 
  • Calf Circumference: 11 in. / 28 cm. 
  • Leg Length: 32.7 in. / 83 cm.
  • Arm Length: 24.8 in. / 63 cm.
  • Shoulder Width: 15 in. / 38 cm.
  • Vaginal Depth: 6.7 in. / 17 cm.
  • Anal Depth: 6.3 in. / 16 cm.
  • Oral Depth: 5.5 in. / 14 cm.
  • Material: TPE with a Metal Skeleton.