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Brand: SE Dolls

Monnie – 160cm | 5′ 2 – C Cup


Exploring the style, features, and design of Monnie

Monnie is a doll with an Asian vibe to her. Her style is the holy mix of cute and sexy. Well, that’s one rare combination to see in a sex doll. Monnie is a silicone sex doll brought to life by the eminent doll manufacturer, SE Dolls. She is bestowed with true-to-life aesthetics that make her design look natural and undeniably realistic. It is evident that SE Dolls took their sweet time in designing this beautiful doll. Interestingly enough, the design of Monnie gives out a traditional vibe and that only adds to the her erotic charm. After all, who wouldn’t love a traditional Asian hottie. She carries the appearance of a young adult and a very sexy one at that. As we have mentioned earlier, the design of Monnie is thoroughly realistic. The texture of skin and her body structure are much like a reflection of an actual person. Thanks to the high-tier silicone, the design structure of Monnie is far more durable than an average silicone love doll. She can easily withstand daily wear and tear and does not require hefty maintenance. Now, let’s talk about her assets, shall we? Monnie is a C Cup doll with  32.28 inches tits. Her ass flaunts a size of 36.61 inches. Moving on towards her height, Monnie stands 5 feet and 2 inches tall. She is a medium height doll. For her weight, she weighs 38 kgs. We know her weight is not exactly modest. But for all that she offers, her weight can be overlooked. 

The customization options for Monnie

Customize the head –You don’t like her head? Well, then just pick a new one for her. There is a good variety of head options available for Monnie. If you so prefer, you can also buy another head for Monnie.

Personalize the Hairstyle –Like her head, you have the liberty to choose a different wig/hairstyle for your beloved full-size doll. 

Choose Breast Type –For her breasts, you can go with the hollow or solid breasts. But if you want something more realistic, then you should consider opting for Gel filled breasts. It is a premium feature that makes tits more defined and realistic.

Vagina Type –There two vagina types that you can between – the fixed vagina and the removable vagina. By default, Monnie comes with the fixed vagina. 

Shrugging shoulders –The shrugging shoulders is a premium feature that allows for a more natural movement of shoulders. Plus, it adds more depth to the design of the doll.

Choose Feet Type –The feet of Monnie can be enhanced with the stand-up feet feature. It’s a premium feature that enables the dolls to stand without any external support.

Why should you go for Monnie?

A sexy doll with breathtaking beauty and a bottomless appetite for sexual intimacy, that’s the kind of love doll Monnie is. Her design is sublime, to say the least. Knowing all this, can you really say no to this amazing silicone doll?


  • Material: Silicone
  • Height:160cm / 5’ft 2″
  • Weight38kgs / 83.78lbs
  • Bust:82cm / 32.28 inch
  • Under Bust:67cm / 26.38 inch
  • Waist:63cm / 24.8 inch
  • Hips:93cm / 36.61 inch
  • Foot Length:22cm / 8.66 inch
  • Vaginal Depth:17cm / 6.69 inch
  • Anal Depth:15cm / 5.91 inch