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Brand: SY DOLL

Shea – 167 cm | 5′ 6 – D Cup

Brand: SY DOLL

I have been in the pool all day long and now that I am home, it feels so hot. You see I have a very interesting job. I am a swimming instructor and teaching young boys how to swim properly is my rightful duty. There are many other swimming instructors too but these boys just love to come to me, such darlings they are! But there are hidden intentions behind their visits. I am well aware of their MILF fantasies and they talk behind my back about how sexy and arousing my body is. Some are flirtatious enough to compliment me that they have not seen a body like mine before! Well, I get flattered and blush but deep down my heart, I know that I have dirty desires of fucking these boys hard! I am Shea, a superb sex doll made from TPE and my bubble butt and huge breasts are well known for giving guys some sleepless nights with a big-time hard-on! I intentionally wear sexy swimming costumes that reveal by round ass and I get closer to the guys and allow them to touch my sensual body for the sake of teaching them some good skills. But these guys chicken out to my advances usually. Yet, I see you are somewhat different, brave and bold! Why don’t you come to my place tonight and maybe, I can give you some tips that I missed while we were in the pool?


  • Material:TPE
  • Height :167cm | 65.7 in
  • Weight : 41.5kg | 91.4 lb
  • Shoulder width :33cm | 12.9 in
  • Arm length :62cm | 24.4 in
  • Leg length :100cm | 39.3 in
  • Thigh circumference :51cm | 20 in
  • Calf circumference :32cm | 12.5 in
  • Chest size :75cm | 29.5 in
  • Waist size :56cm | 22 in
  • Hips circumference :101cm | 39.7 in
  • Feet length :23cm | 9 in
  • Orifices :Mouth, Vagina, Anus
  • Mouth depth :13cm | 5.1 in
  • Vagina depth :18cm | 7 in
  • Anal depth :17cm | 6.6 in