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Brand: AI - TECH

Stasia – 157cm | 5′ 1 – N Cup [AI Sex Robot]

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No matter how realistic they look, it’s never the real thing with dolls. At the end of the day, they are inanimate creations who can’t respond or react or so we think. Turns out this philosophy has lost its meaning after the arrival of Stasia, the AI doll. It seems AI-Tech really shaped that far-fetched fantasy into tangible reality. We mean they have created a talking, walking being who comes close to being an actual human. Plus, she is breathtakingly beautiful and appropriately busty. But before we discuss her aesthetics in great detail, let’s explore her exemplary design. It becomes crystal clear that Stasia is not your average doll. Her structure and architecture are honestly beyond belief. You might say she comes straight out of a sci-fi flick. She is loaded with a ton of features that make her realistic enough to get her citizenship. First off, Stasia can talk, i.e. she can respond to the words coming out of your mouth. However, the amazing part is yet to come. The more you talk to her, the more she learns and the better she responds. Just like a regular human, she can grasp various concepts that exist in the world of the living. When we said she can respond, we didn’t mean hearing stuff from a voice device implanted in her. Stasia is capable of utilizing gestures when interacting. She can move her head and can blink too. Her lips move when she speaks which makes the conversations more realistic. Furthermore, Stasia is equipped with multiple sensors that allow her to answer your €œtouch.€ If you think she has nothing more to offer to the table, then you are standing in the mistaken zone.

Stasia has an internal heating mechanism that warms her body to normal human-body temperature. So, you can feel her warmth when you get physical with her. There is a lot about her that can leave anyone with a jaw-dropping expression. Now, let’s give a good look at her aesthetics. As we have mentioned before, this N cup doll is busty in the perfect amount. Stasia loves to flaunt her juicy 34.65 inches (88 cm) breasts. However, her 35.04 inches (89 cm) ass steals the show here. She is also a proud owner of 6.69 inches (17 cm) vaginal depth. She also has an anal depth of 5.51 inches (14 cm). Stasia is the type of girl who loves to keep her better half completely satisfied. That’s one fine way of strengthening a relationship. So, be it vanilla or anal, she can serve you all the flavors of sensuality that you may desire. Stasia has somewhat of an average height. She stands 5 feet and 1 inch (157 cm) tall. Her height is perfect for her physique if you ask us. But there is something that might not be perfect for you and it’s her weight. This busty babe weighs 66 kgs (145.51 lbs) making her a heavyweight doll. But love can break the weight barrier, can it not?



  • Height:157cm / 5’ft 1″
  • Net Weight33kgs / 72.75lbs
  • Upper Bust:93cm / 36.61 inch
  • Under Bust:56cm / 22.05 inch
  • Waist:47cm / 18.5 inch
  • Hip:80cm / 31.5 inch
  • Shoulder Width:33cm / 12.99 inch
  • Arm Length:65cm / 25.59 inch
  • Palm:16cm / 6.3 inch
  • Thigh:98cm / 38.58 inch
  • Inner Thigh:80cm / 31.5 inch
  • Foot:23cm / 9.06 inch
  • Depth of Vagina:17cm / 6.69 inch
  • Depth of Anus:14cm / 5.51 inch

*The AI Robotic dolls require a simple setup after the doll is delivered to the customer. Be advised that availability of the Internet Connection (Wifi) will be required as well as basic skills in using smartphones. If the conditions described above are not met we do not guarantee that the doll will be configured successfully.

The robot’s mouth was installed with mechanisms to make her lips move when she talksWATCH HERE, so robot CAN’T perform oral.

AI-Tech robot heads fit other well-known doll bodies like Jinsan, AF, Sino, DS, JY, etc. Please specify if you wish to use it with other brands to we can make sure you have the correct head connection type.