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Brand: Elsa Babe

Suzuki Chihino (Elf) – 150cm | 4′ 9 – C Cup

BRAND: Elsa Babe

Suzuki Chihino, a doll with a dignified surname. Well, that’s a first. But there is a lot more to this full-size doll that you will find amazing to say the least. First off, Suzuki is no ordinary doll, she is an elf doll. This is to say that this beauty is from a different world that we have only heard in fables. So, that gives a faint reflection of her unique character. She is the child of Elsa Babe, a manufacturer with a reputation for creating something distinct and special. Looking at Suzuki Chihino explains much about their style.Lady Chihinois structured out of platinum silicone which bestows her a realistic appearance. In all honesty, this doll looks real enough for you to believe that elves actually do exist. It seems Elsa Babe created a masterpiece with Suzuki Chihino. 

The design of Suzuki is somewhat unique to what we generally see in a doll. Her style and design is inspired by anime/manga characters. Her eyes, lips, and even her body structure takes a lot after shonen characters. So, this is adding fantasy into a fantasy. We have an elf doll that takes cues from anime. If you are a fan of the Japanese Shonen culture, then you are sure to like this sexy doll. 

Now, it’s time to take a good look at Chihino’s assets. We know you were waiting for this. Suzuki is a C cup doll and flaunts a bust size of 32.28 inches. You know, anime girls are chesty. Moving towards her ass, it carries a measurement of 31.1 inches. To talk about her height, Suzuki stands 4 feet and 9 inches tall and comes under the category of short height dolls. Suzuki weighs 27.5 kgs and yes, she is a lightweight doll. There is practically nothing ordinary or regular about this elf doll.  

Customization options for elf doll Suzuki Chihino

Choose a different head –There are many exclusive and unique heads that you can check out for Suzuki if her default head does not sit well with your preference. You can also buy an additional head for your elf babe because why not. 

Personalize the hairstyle –Customizing the hairstyle of their beloved dolls is something that many dol owners enjoy. There is a wide variety of hairstyle options available for Suzuki that you can choose from. Get her a sexy hairdo.

The eye color –That’s another interesting customization that you can check out. There are no less than eight different shades for her eyes just ripe for picking. 

Choose the lip color –Well, why should eyes have all the fun? For Suzuki Chihino, you can select the color of her lips. There are three color options available for the same namely peach, pink, and bright red.  

Why is Suzuki Chihino the right choice for you?

An elf doll designed after popular anime tropes, that’s who Suzuki Chihino is. She is a big breasted doll with a feisty personality and is designed to serve you with a gratifying doll experience. That’s what makes her the perfect choice for you.


  • Material: Silicone
  • Height: 150cm / 4’ft 9″
  • Weight: 27.5kgs / 60.63lbs
  • Full Bust: 82cm / 32.28 inch
  • Breast Size: Large Breasts
  • Waist: 50cm / 19.69 inch
  • Hips: 79cm / 31.1 inch
  • Shoulder Width: 28cm / 11.02 inch
  • Arm Length: 40cm / 15.75 inch
  • Hand Length: 16cm / 6.3 inch
  • Thigh Length: 34cm / 13.39 inch
  • Thigh Circumference: 44cm / 17.32 inch
  • Calf length: 42cm / 16.54 inch
  • Calf Circumference: 28cm / 11.02 inch
  • Leg Length: 21cm / 8.27 inch
  • Vaginal Depth: 15.5cm / 6.1 inch