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Brand: SM Dolls

America – 170cm | 5′ 5 – E Cup

A teen girl is everyone’s fantasy, right? What is better than a hot, cute teenage girl who is always up for sex! I know that everyone has fantasies about teenage girls, but only a few get them. Most of the teenage girls are interested in young cute boys of their age but not me. I like horny men, men with experience. I prefer them over these young inexperienced boys. Do you think that you can fulfill my lust and my sexual desires? Oh, I feel your dick getting harder just by thinking about me. Tell me what are you thinking. Are you thinking about me in the sexy hot lingerie that you have always fantasized about? My busty juicy boobs flashing from the lingerie and you licking my pink hard nipples like there is no tomorrow! I don’t only want to talk about your fantasies but to make them true. If yes, then what are you waiting for! Get me now, my name is America, a TPE sex doll. I guess making everyone hard is my American dream. I have made to strongest of men beg me for some action, but you seem experienced and it looks like you can fulfill this pussy and this ass’s desire to be sore. Can you make this pussy sore? If you do that I promise you that I will show you what magic this tongue can do, I will make your dick so wet that we will not need and lube when you ass fuck me. All right then honey, get ready because I am already very horny, aren’t you?



  • Material: TPE
  • Height170cm / 5’ft 5″
  • Weight:55kgs / 121.25lbs
  • Upper Breast:59cm / 23.23 inch
  • Under Breast:68cm / 26.77 inch
  • Waist:63cm / 24.8 inch
  • Hips:110cm / 43.31 inch
  • Arm:65cm / 25.59 inch
  • Leg:100cm / 39.37 inch
  • Foot:22cm / 8.66 inch
  • Vagina:17cm / 6.69 inch
  • Oral:13cm / 5.12 inch
  • Anus:15cm / 5.91 inch