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Brand: YL Doll

Darby – 153cm | 5′ 0 – H Cup (Head: #370)

Brand: YL Doll

Talk about a doll with an unmatched sex appeal and Darby will appear. She is literally the sex goddess in TPE. She is one of the finest, sexiest, and best sex dolls that have hit the stores. She has managed to impress the crowd even though she has just arrived at the scene. Darby is surely going to be a fan-favorite doll. She is a masterpiece created by the eminent manufacturer YL Dolls and they have proved why they are so famous. Darby is not the kind of doll that you would meet every day, well, you don’t get to see a sex goddess every day, do you? 

While Darby is thoroughly realistic and looks and feels amazing, there is something more amazing about her than her aesthetic beauty and that’s her personality. She has a feisty attitude and a raunchy persona. She is addicted to sex but enjoys flavors of different flavors of intimacy. In a simple way of saying it, she is into bondage, roleplay, cosplays, and you get the idea. So, a simple dose of vanilla sex won’t do it for her. This babe wants more, a lot more. Oh and just so we have to mention, Darby has a vast, large, or should we say an endless appetite for sex. If you take our advice, then you should stock up on that stamina of yours. You sure will need it. 

Now, coming to the assets of the doll. As it looks apparent, Darby is a fairly busty babe. She has a bust size of 38.19 inches. So yes, she is a chesty girl. But she is not just busty as her ass owns a size of 41.34 inches. That booty is made for anal sex, we tell you. Darby stands 5 feet tall and can be considered a short-height doll. Talking about her weight, she weighs 46 kgs. For her magnificent body, this weight feels like a bargain. 

Customization options for Darby  

Change the head –Of course, you would want to try out new looks for Darby and the best way to go about with it is to pick a new head. There is a massive pool of interesting head options available for Darby. So, pick the one you like. 

Vagina Type – There are two vagina types that you can choose between – fixed vagina and removable vagina. You can go with either of the options that you feel works best for you. 

Shrugging shoulders – The shrugging shoulders is a premium feature that adds more realism and depth to the overall design of the doll. It’s worth the money. 

Stand-up feet – This is another premium feature that allows the doll to stand without relying on any form of support. An essential feature it is. 

What makes Darby so special? 

A super sexy doll with a seductive personality and style, that’s Darby for you. She is the kind of doll that you shouldn’t say no to.


  • Material: TPE
  • Height: 153cm / 5’ft 0″
  • Net Weight 46kgs / 101.41lbs
  • Upper Bust: 97cm / 38.19 inch
  • Under Bust: 61cm / 24.02 inch
  • Waist: 52.5cm / 20.67 inch
  • Hips: 105cm / 41.34 inch
  • Outer Leg: 79cm / 31.1 inch
  • Inner Leg: 73cm / 28.74 inch
  • Arms Girth: 21.5cm / 8.46 inch
  • Foot: 20cm / 7.87 inch
  • Hand: 15cm / 5.91 inch
  • Arms Girth: 62cm / 24.41 inch
  • Calf Girth: 31cm / 12.2 inch
  • Thigh Girth: 57cm / 22.44 inch
  • Shoulder Length: 37cm / 14.57 inch