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Brand: Irontech

Giavanna – 170cm | 5′ 5 – H Cup

Roaming around naked in the house is something that gives me a sense of confidence as well as freedom. I have know women who are just too shy and insecure about their body types. Skinny, fat or chubby; we come in all shapes and sizes and one should be very proud of their body type no matter what! I really don’t care about what other people have to say about me. What they think of me is their problem, not mine! And no matter how judgmental you try to be, I am assured about one thing that you are loving the sight of a stunning woman like me posing naked in front of you! So tell me boy, doesn’t that make your cock hard? Well, there is no need for a cover up because I can see that bulge in your pants and I have to admit that it is actually very impressive. I never expected that a punk like you would have such a massive dick! Unlike other girls, I don’t say that you can’t fuck me in the ass because it hurts and so on. I like to be naughty and experiment a lot because we only have one life to live and I want to experience everything that can lead to pleasure! Now that you know I am an all holes type of girl, surprise me by making a choice. Let us see how interesting you can be!



  • Material: TPE
  • Height170cm / 5’ft 5″
  • Weight:45kgs / 99.21lbs
  • Upper Breast:91cm / 35.83 inch
  • Under Breast:71.5cm / 28.15 inch
  • Waist:64cm / 25.2 inch
  • Hips:108cm / 42.52 inch
  • Arm:68cm / 26.77 inch
  • Leg:92cm / 36.22 inch
  • Foot:23cm / 9.06 inch
  • Bust:73cm / 28.74 inch