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Brand: YL Doll

Jimena – 150cm | 5’0 – D Cup

 It is a well-known fact that a woman’s nipples get hard and her breasts get bigger whenever she is turned on. But I have something to confess. Due to my insatiable lust and huge sex drive, I am always turned on and that is the reason why my tits look like this! And you are such a pervert, getting a hard-on by just looking at my aroused breasts. The knack of dressing up for my man in sexy lingerie is something that I cannot resist and skin-tight white stockings paired up with sexy white underwear and perfectly fitting bra! I have the perfect booty, something that twerks and turns you on like nothing else. My name is Jimena and I am one of the finest beauties that you will ever come across. And the most important thing is the kind of positions I prefer. I always try my best to give my lover the true pleasure he seeks and I have the best position that a man can ask for. I just love to bend over and enjoy the good thrusts of a big cock. And when a man plays with my tits while pounding my pussy, I orgasm like the dirty slut that I am!


  • Material:TPE
  • Height: 150cm | 5’0″
  • Shoulder: 29 cm / 11.4 inch
  • Arm: 65 cm / 25.5 inch
  • Upper Bust: 82 cm / 32.2 inch
  • Under Bust: 60 cm / 23.6 inch
  • Waist: 39 cm / 15.3 inch
  • Hips: 88 cm / 34.6 inch
  • Legs: 80 cm / 31.4 inch
  • Foot Length: 20 cm / 7.8 inch
  • Thigh Circumference: 45 cm / 17.7 inch
  • Calf Circumference: 30 cm / 11.8 inch
  • Weight: 28 kg / 61 lbs