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Kayleigh – 155cm | 5′ 1 – M Cup

Brand: ClimaxDoll

The love for stunning lingerie and impeccable swimsuits is simply inevitable. And why wouldn’t it be! After all, I have such a sizzling hot body that deserves the attention of men. I know fellow ladies are jealous of my beauty because let’s admit it, the kind of looks and figure that I have; men are bound to chase me. They often compliment me about my dreadlocks with their sights set on my tits! I mean, do you really have to be that obvious? And I wouldn’t mind an upfront, honest guy who can look me in the eye and tell me how sexy I am. It is rare to find confident men but whenever I interact with one, getting turned on is a ritual! And once you make way to my heart, the way to get into my pants becomes easier than expected. Impress me and I am all yours for the taking! Nice sessions of training my legs and booty at the gym have paid off and I think I might be needing some new lingerie. So why don’t you take this measuring tape and take my stats! You better start with my booty and then take the measure of my milky tits. Do your work properly and you will be getting a huge, round reward for that I promise.



  • Material:TPE
  • Height: 155 cm / 5ft 1 inch
  • Height(no head): 138 cm / 54.3 inch
  • Upper chest: 102 cm / 40.1 inch
  • Under chest: 64 cm / 25.1 inch
  • Waist: 60.5 cm / 23.8 inch
  • Hip: 107 cm / 42.1 inch
  • Shoulder: 37 cm / 14.5 inch
  • Leg length: 81 cm / 31.8 inch
  • Thigh: 56.5 cm / 22.2 inch
  • Hand length: 59 cm / 23.2 inch
  • Depth of vagina: 22 cm / 8.6 inch
  • Depth of anus:  20 cm / 7.8 inch
  • Depth of mouth:18 cm / 7 inch
  • Sole: 21 cm / 8.2 inch
  • Weight: 43 kg / 94.7 lbs
  • Packing size: 150*47*37 cm
  • After packing weight: 51 kg / 112.4 lbs