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Brand: OR Doll

Lilith – 160 cm | 5′ 3 – H Cup

Why are you such a useless person? You sit in the office whole day and do nothing that can be considered as work. All day long, you stare at me and all the women passing by, ogling at their asses and tits! I have caught you many times staring at my boobies so many times. And today, I demand answers. Is that the way you behave with your boss? You surely have forgotten how to respect your boss! And now it’s time I teach you a good lesson on how to follow your boss’s order. You are going to come to my place tonight and I will be teaching you how to be disciplined. From the other female employees, I have heard that you have a huge cock. Does my see-through panties turn you on? You have always wanted to fondle these big breasts, right? Well, now is the chance you get to some real work! You are going to be my slave tonight and I will sit on your face to make you gasp for air. Shove your face in my ass and give me an anal rim job. This will make amends for all the things you have done at the office to offend me. Dare not to sleep! I am not done with you, yet.


  • Material:TPE
  • Height160cm / 5’ft 2″
  • Weight:43kgs / 94.8lbs
  • Upper Breasts:95cm / 37.4 inch
  • Under breasts:67.5cm / 26.57 inch
  • Waist:64cm / 25.2 inch
  • Hips:103cm / 40.55 inch
  • Leg Length:85cm / 33.46 inch
  • Thigh Circum:57cm / 22.44 inch
  • Leg Circum:32.5cm / 12.8 inch
  • Inside Leg Length:75cm / 29.53 inch
  • Arm Length:68cm / 26.77 inch
  • Shoulder:38cm / 14.96 inch
  • Feet Length:20cm / 7.87 inch