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Marrion – 160cm | 5′ 2 – Male Doll

Marrion is the sweet, yet sexy boy-next-door, who is ready and willing to lend a hand or his cock to help in any way he can. His beautiful ice blue eyes light up when you plead for his help and attention. Marrion stands at 160 cm tall (five foot two inches) and is made by the popular doll brand, WM Dolls, just as his twin, Axel. Sporting the beautiful and sexy #207 head, he can be the sweet and shy type or the naughty, bad-boy, fun type. Whatever he needs to be to fulfill your deepest desires. Speaking of which, you’re sure to feel intense pleasure as you mount him and take in his 15 cm or 19 cm erect cock, deep inside you. Ride him fast, ride him slow, it’s all good to him. Kiss his full, soft lips, or have him provide you with highly stimulating oral sex as you penetrate his mouth with your own throbbing cock. This hot male sex doll is also willing to satisfy your anal sex needs. He will gladly bend over the bed for you, spread his long, yet fit legs, allowing you to fuck his ass to your heart’s content. He loves when you cum inside him and he loves to make you cum. Marrion is available in all of WM’s skin tones, ranging from fair to black. You can customize his eyes to the most beautiful colors available from WM. He presently sports the WM #9 eyes in this photoshoot with the light brown wig. Just like Axel, he can come with the White, Blond, Light Brown, and Dark brown wigs to change up his style. You can also choose to have him with either the standard skeleton or the EVO skeleton (hinged neck, shrugging shoulders, double-hinged elbows and knees, standing foot bolts) with the option to have or to not have the standing foot bolts. So what are you waiting for? Marrion is waiting for your call so he can come to fulfill your desires day and night!


  • Material: TPE
  • Height: 160cm / 5’ft 2″
  • Net Weight 37.5kgs / 82.67lbs
  • Full Bust: 86cm / 33.86 inch
  • Under Bust: cm / 0 inch
  • Waist: 63cm / 24.8 inch
  • Hips: 80cm / 31.5 inch
  • Foot Length: 22cm / 8.66 inch
  • Thigh Girth: 45cm / 17.72 inch
  • Calf Girth: 31cm / 12.2 inch
  • Leg Length: 74cm / 29.13 inch
  • Arm Length: 66cm / 25.98 inch
  • Shoulder Breadth: 35cm / 13.78 inch
  • Packaging Size: 160*43*28 cm