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Brand: SY DOLL

Miranda – 167 cm | 5′ 6 – D Cup

Brand: SY DOLL

I have seldom met guys who can refuse the advances of an absolutely spectacular blonde babe with a breath-taking body! There are some guys that may act tough but with a little seduction, I am always able to achieve the things that I plan for myself. And beating around the bush is something that bores me to death. I would appreciate a guy more if he comes to me with honest intentions and be upfront about how he feels about me. If you like how ravishing my butt looks, then be a man and tell me about it. And if you are lucky enough, may be I can take you back to my place and get rid of this dress of mine. I am Miranda, the gorgeous sex doll made from TPE and a model like me is going to give you the thing you want the most! Help me get naked and let me show you the beauty that my dress was hiding away. You are going to love my huge round butt cheeks and if anal is on your mind, then I am down to fuck and all yours for the pounding! My heavy breasts need some fondling and a good oil massage would be very nice. Should I get you some oil for the massage then?


  • Material:TPE
  • Bust girth :77cm | 30.3 in
  • Waist girth :55cm | 21.6 in
  • Hip girth :102cm | 40.1 in
  • Shoulder :32cm | 12.5 in
  • Arm length :46cm | 18.1 in
  • Leg length :90cm | 35.4 in
  • Foot length :21cm | 8.2 in
  • Hand girth :24cm | 9.4 in
  • Calf girth :32cm | 12.5 in
  • Thigh girth :51cm | 20 in
  • Neck :39m | 15.3 in
  • Weight :39kg | 85.9 lb
  • Mouth Depth :13cm | 5.1 in
  • Vaginal Depth :18cm | 7 in
  • Anal Depth :17cm | 6.6 in