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Brand: WM Doll

Necca – 157 cm | 5′ 2 – B Cup

Is there a better site than a blonde babe stripping naked, giving you the best striptease of your life? Well, I don’t think there is anything better than that. Or maybe, things can get a little better when the same diva will allow you to fuck her brains out. And will it delight you to know that I have all the qualities listed above? It does seem to turn you on but wait till you hear the best part! In addition to the listed above, I am a slutty babe dressed as a school girl! A tight white shirt a mini skirt and a tie around my neck just make me look better than the babes you were chasing all along. And my oh my, my little panties and push up bra just add up to the sizzle! My name is Necca, the slutty sex doll dressed up as a school girl who wants to have a taste of your big cock. I am not the kind of babe to fall for school boys! It is just not me. I want a smart and understanding man who is willing to go to the limits to satisfy my lust and passion for getting banged. You can be my professor and punish me for being a naughty girl at school. See this tie around my neck; choke me with it and make me your bitch!


  • Material: TPE
  • Height: 157cm / 5’ft 1″
  • Net Weight 29.4kgs / 64.82lbs
  • Full Bust: 68cm / 26.77 inch
  • Under Bust: 53cm / 20.87 inch
  • Waist: 47.5cm / 18.7 inch
  • Hips: 76.5cm / 30.12 inch
  • Foot Length: 21.5cm / 8.46 inch
  • Thigh Girth: 43.5cm / 17.13 inch
  • Calf Girth: 28cm / 11.02 inch
  • Leg Length: 102cm / 40.16 inch
  • Arm Length: 66cm / 25.98 inch
  • Shoulder Breadth: 34cm / 13.39 inch
  • Vaginal Depth: 18cm / 7.09 inch
  • Oral Depth: 13cm / 5.12 inch
  • Anal Depth: 16cm / 6.3 inch
  • Packaging Size: 150*43*28 cm