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Brand: SY DOLL

Selina – 158 cm | 5′ 2 – D Cup

Is it the weather or is it just me who feels too horny in the morning? Waking up and making myself cum many times before I leave the bed; this is something very normal for me nowadays. But I have had enough of this now. It feels like a boring routine to me. A sizzling hot blonde like me, single and all alone, fucking my own self with my fingers, duh! Don’t you think that I should have a man who is willing to take care of this stuff for me? I want a guy that can fuck me all night and get energized back up in the morning and pound me like there is no other work left! My name is Selina and I am a horny sex doll made up of TPE craving for your attention. I like to dress up in the most arousing lingerie and want you to get the best hard-on of your life. I am such a big fan of oral sex, I am telling you! I have always wanted a man who will shove his dick deep into my throat and after that, lick my pussy till I cum at least a few times. Feed on my breasts and fondle them all you want. I love guys who like to play it rough!


  • Material:TPE
  • Bust Girth : 80cm | 31.4 in
  • Waist Girth :56cm | 22 in
  • Hip Girth :83cm | 32.6 in
  • Shoulder :32cm | 12.5 in
  • Arm length : 50cm | 19.6 in
  • Hand Girth :16cm | 6.2 in
  • Leg Length :83cm | 32.6 in
  • Calf Girth :27cm | 10.6 in
  • Thigh Length :43cm | 16.9 in
  • Foot Length :19cm | 7.4 in
  • Neck :27cm | 10.6 in
  • Weight : 33kg | 72.7 lb
  • Mouth Depth :13cm | 5.1 in
  • Vaginal Depth :18cm | 7 in
  • Anal Depth :17cm | 6.6 in