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Brand: 6YE DOLLS

Tatiana – 158cm | 5′ 2 – A Cup

The queen of all redheads is back and all she wants is to make men go crazy over her stunning looks and impeccable figure. Well, there is no reason why you wouldn’t lose your sleep as my seductive eyes wouldn’t leave you alone, not even for a second. And trust me when I say this, once I get started, there is no turning back until I get a few orgasms for myself. And because I love my man to be hard at all times, I just roam around the house in stunning red lingerie because who would hate a glimpse of my super hot figure! My name is Tatiana and I am the TPE sex doll with perky tits and a booty to die for. My tight pussy is always ready to have a big cock and talking about all this naughty stuff with you has made me wet beyond your imagination. I wish to have sex in the position of 69 but my petite body won’t allow me to have fun! But what you can do instead is make me sit on your face and lick my pussy well till I squirt on your face! I am sure you will take good care of who wants to take good care of you!


  • Material: TPE
  • Height: 158cm (5’2″) – head included
  • Weight:30kg (66lbs) – head included
  • Bust:69cm (27.2″)
  • Under-bust: 59cm (23.2″)
  • Waist:49cm (19.3″)
  • Hip: 82cm (32.3″)
  • Thigh Circum: 46cm (18.1″)
  • Calf Circum: 28cm (11″)
  • Vagina Depth: 17cm (6.7″)
  • Anal Depth:15cm (5.9″)
  • Oral Depth:15cm (5.9″)


  • Ball-joint skeleton
  • Ball-joint wrist
  • Ball-joint shrug shoulder
  • Enhanced finger-wire tip design
  • Ball-joint neck
  • Realistic Vagina and Anus hole