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Deandra – 165cm | 5′ 4 – E Cup (Elf)


A vampire doll who also happens to be an elf, that’s Deandra ladies and gentlemen. She is a doll like no other and you may have understood why. Let’s be honest here. We all have wildly vivid fantasies of romancing a curvy vampire. It seems our fantasies were heard by HR Doll and they brought us this sensual vampire doll. Now, we said she is a doll like no other and we still stand by that claim. Deandra is not just an elf doll, but she is also a vampire. That’s something we don’t get to see quite often. Plus, she is a voluptuous doll with mindblowing curves. 

Now that we have touched the subject of curves, let’s discuss her assets. Deandra is an E cup doll. Her busts own a size of 37.4 inches. So yes, her tits are both juicy and big. If you like dolls with big tits, then it is likely impossible for you to resist the charm of Deandra. But if you think her tits are massive, then wait till you get acquainted with her 44.09 inches ass. Now, that a ginormous ass and even that might be an understatement. Moving towards her height, Deandra stands 5 feet and 4 inches tall which brings her near the territory of tall dolls. Finally, it’s time we take a look at her weight. As you might have guessed, Deandra is a heavy doll. She weighs a full 56 kgs. Well, her weight is certainly an issue, but for all that she offers, the weight seems excusable.

Exploring the customization options for likelike doll Deandra

Change the head of the doll –Let’s start the customization from the very top. As with many other dolls, you have the option to go for an entirely different head for Deandra, if you so prefer. Additionally, you can also buy an extra head for your beloved Deandra. The more the merrier, gentlemen. 

Choose a different hairstyle –For the hairstyle, you have a good variety of options to pick from. There are many stylish and sexy styles that you can choose for this vampire doll. 

Customize vagina –There are two vagina types that you can go with. There is the fixed vagina and then you have the removable vagina. By default, Deandra comes with a fixed vagina but of course, you can change that to removable vagina, if you wish so.

Choose pubic hair –You can very well personalize the pubic hair of Deandra. There is a healthy number of options for pubic hair as well. 

Change the skin color –There are no less than 4 skin colors available for Deandra. Pick the one that goes well with your preference and taste. 

Why is Deandra the best doll for you?

A vampire elf doll that is all-round busty and is super affordable. Need we say more? There is all the reason in the world for you to go with this lifelike doll. You can play out all your wild fantasies and fetishes with this sexy doll.


  • Material: TPE
  • Weight:56kgs / 123.46lbs
  • Breasts:95cm / 37.4 inch
  • Waist:60cm / 23.62 inch
  • Hips:112cm / 44.09 inch
  • Shoulder Width:40cm / 15.75 inch
  • Leg Length:79cm / 31.1 inch
  • Arm Length:60cm / 23.62 inch
  • Foot Length:23cm / 9.06 inch
  • Thigh Circumference:62cm / 24.41 inch
  • Inner Arm Circumference:28cm / 11.02 inch
  • Neck:27cm / 10.63 inch