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Brand: SE Dolls

Eura – 151cm | 4′ 9 – E Cup


All hail to the elf goddess Eura! We are in the presence of one of the most beautiful dolls in the market and that’s saying something. As it may be evident, Eura is a rare find that you don’t come across every day. Well, it’s not every day that you bump into an elf goddess. Eura has been structured out of fine quality TPE. This gives her a natural and realistic design. Her skin feels smooth and soft much like actual skin. She is the creation of SE Dolls, one of the finest doll manufacturers in the world and they seem to have done a marvelous job with Eura. They deserve all the praise that is directed towards them. Eura is also bestowed with an interesting personality. 

She has a calm and cheerful persona which gives her a delightful aura. You can feel a sense of tranquility when you are in her presence. That’s what makes her different from her doll cousins. You could call her the perfect wife material. Eura can be an ideal partner for you. She is the kind of doll that won’t ever leave your side. You can feel the romantic vibes coming from her. 

Now, we know you are waiting for us to unveil her assets and as humble hosts we are, we don’t want to keep you waiting. Eura is an E cup doll with tits carrying a measurement of 29.53 inches. Her ass shares the same measurement as her tits, i.e. 29.53 inches. Eura is regarded as a short height doll as she stands 4 feet and 9 inches tall. You could say she carries a petite physique and it simply adds more to her appeal. Moving towards her weight, Eura weighs 27.8 kgs which slots her into the lightweight category. That’s one more reason to say yes to this doll.

Exploring the customization options for lifelike doll Eura

Choose a different head –Don’t like her head? Well, then fret not as there is a whole plethora of head options available for you. From this wide collection, you can choose a new head for your beloved elf doll. 

Customize the hairstyle –No customization is complete without personalizing the hairstyle. Here, you are served with no less than 17 different, colorful hairstyles to choose from. Now, that’s what we call customization. 

Breast type –Now, this is where things get interesting. In a regular scenario, you are served with 2 breast options – hollow and solid. But with Eura, you are provided with another option called the gel filled breasts. It is a premium option that adds more realism to the busts of dolls. 

Choose feet type –There are the regular feet and then there are the stand-up feet. The latter allows the dolls to stand without having to rely on any support. 

Why is Eura the best doll ever?

A perfect wife material, Eura is an elf doll that promises a lifelong partnership. If you seek the comforts of a cherishable companionship, then you should certainly say yes to Eura.


  • Material:TPE
  • Height: 151cm / 4’ft 9″
  • Weight:27.8kgs / 61.29lbs
  • Bust:75cm / 29.53 inch
  • Waist:50cm / 19.69 inch
  • Hips:75cm / 29.53 inch
  • Vaginal Depth:17cm / 6.69 inch
  • Oral Depth:15cm / 5.91 inch
  • Anal Depth:17cm / 6.69 inch