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Brand: DollForever

Fernanda – 155cm | 5′ 0 – D Cup

It is well said that obsession is a young man’s game and who knows it better than the men with dirty fantasies! Be it vampires or witches, men have always had the deepest and darkest desires of banging mythical babes and if you ask me, the babes from the fraternity of elves are on top of the list. I mean, just look at me! Only a fool would pass on a chance of getting intimate with a hot and stunning elf babe like me! Blonde and petite with the perfect figure and in simple words, I am the personification of what a man desires for in a woman. I am Fernanda, an elf sex doll made up of TPE and if you too are one of those men that have the dream of fucking mythical babies, then I am your best bet! And talking about this stuff involving fantasies and desires makes me horny and wet in my pussy and the first thing I want to do is get laid and have my pussy destroyed by a monster cock! Would you like my rosy pink lips on your cock? You are going to love it, you dirty minded pervert! And trust me, sweetheart, I am inclined to give you whatever you want. As long as you fuck me hard in all my holes, I am yours to maul and have fun with!


  • Material:TPE
  • Height:155cm / 5’ft 0″
  • Weight:29kgs / 63.93lbs
  • Shoulder:34cm / 13.39 inch
  • Upper Bust:82cm / 32.28 inch
  • Under Bust:62cm / 24.41 inch
  • Arm:46cm / 18.11 inch
  • Waist:52cm / 20.47 inch
  • Hips:80cm / 31.5 inch
  • Leg:73cm / 28.74 inch
  • Foot:21.5cm / 8.46 inch
  • Depth of Oral:14cm / 5.51 inch
  • Depth of Anal:16cm / 6.3 inch
  • Depth of Vagina:18cm / 7.09 inch