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Brand: 6YE DOLLS

Maddison – 163cm | 5′ 3 – B Cup

Not every woman in this world possesses the gift of being photogenic. Some of them try way too hard to pose for the camera while to others, it comes rather easily! As for me, I belong to the latter category. I feel like I was born for the camera and posing for the lens comes naturally to me, without any kind of effort. I just love it when the focus of the camera, as well as the cameraman, is on my stunning curves. I do know how to make it worth their while. But while doing so, I do get turned on. Wearing sexy dresses and showcasing your curves are the things that take their toll on you and leave you horny for a nice fuck! But it is not that easy as it seems to be. Though I want to be a slutty one and do naughty stuff to men I work with, I have to behave professionally. It is such a dilemma, especially when the guys you are working with are as hot as hell! But I do notice that you too have been staring at my booty with insatiable lust in your eyes. And I don’t recall to be professionally involved with you. I think we can take it to another level. Let’s go to my place where I can show you my curves without these clothes on!


  • Material: TPE
  • Height:163cm / 5’ft 3″
  • Weight:42kgs / 92.59lbs
  • Bust:87cm / 34.25 inch
  • Under-bust:74cm / 29.13 inch
  • Waist:57cm / 22.44 inch
  • Hip:93cm / 36.61 inch
  • Foot Length:21cm / 8.27 inch
  • Thigh Circum:54cm / 21.26 inch
  • Calf Circum:34.5cm / 13.58 inch
  • Bicep Circum:26cm / 10.2 inch
  • Inner Leg Length:78cm / 30.71 inch
  • Shoulder Wide:37cm / 14.57 inch
  • Arm Length:67cm / 26.38 inch
  • Vagina Depth:17cm / 6.69 inch
  • Anal Depth:15cm / 5.91 inch
  • Oral Depth:15cm / 5.91 inch

Note: Doll is video may look different than the photos due to customization requested by customers.


  • Ball-joint skeleton
  • Ball-joint wrist
  • Ball-joint shrug shoulder
  • Enhanced finger-wire tip design
  • Ball-joint neck
  • Realistic Vagina and Anus hole

Quick Head Snap Connector