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Brand: YL Doll

Rubi (Vampire) – 150cm | 5’0 – D Cup

Life of a vampire is not what you think it is. What you see is just the tip of the iceberg. There is a lot that you don’t know. The things that a vampire woman has to go through are just horrendous. Our thirst for blood is all you know about us but that is not the case. There is one thing that we crave more than blood and that one thing is good hard fucking by a man who is just as lust-ridden as we are. Can you imagine going on for centuries without having sex? A single year would make you horny as hell I am sure. Just imagine my misery then. But now that I am back amongst the world of the living, it is my time to have some fun. My name is Rubi and I am a stunning vampire sex doll made from TPE. Don’t let my petite physique and cute face fool you. It has been ages since my last fuck and now that I have my eyes on your hard cock, I am sure you wouldn’t prove to be a disappointment! Let me spread these legs and show you my swollen clitoris. You can see this wet pussy opening up for your big dick, don’t you? So you better get into the bath and start giving me the pounding I deserve!


  • Height: 150cm | 5’0″
  • Weight: 64lbs
  • Material: Solid TPE
  • Bust: 32.2 in. | 82cm
  • Waist: 22 in. | 56cm
  • Hip: 34.6 in. | 88cm
  • Vagina Depth: 6.7 in. | 17cm
  • Anal Depth: 6.7 in. | 17cm
  • Oral Depth: 5.1 in. | 13cm
  • Vagina Diameter: 1.5cm
  • Anal Diameter: 1.5cm
  • Nipple Diameter: 1.18 in. | 3cm
  • Bra Size: 28 D
  • Foot Length: 8.1 in. | 20.5cm
  • Shoe: U.S.3 | Euro 34-35