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Brand: SE Dolls

Candra – 161cm | 5′ 2 – F Cup

Innocent yet erotic, humble yet feisty, that’s Candra we are looking at. Yes, she is quite difficult to put into words but we will try. Candra is all that you would expect from an adult sex doll. She is a naughty girl and likes going on adventures that have sexual overtones. But she has an innocent and somewhat calming aura that is rare to see in a sex doll. Of course, she is all naughty and prefers staying that way. But there are many layers and shades to one’s personality and she has been hiding them behind her serene looks. So, at one end, you have this saucy doll that can show you the true pleasures of sensuality. While at the other end, you may find her to be the perfect wife material. Candra is not all about casual sex, she is someone you share your life with. For all those who crave a romantic life with someone special, we would say Candra is the one for you. Let’s admit it, we all seek our better half and that can surely be a doll lady. Candra has been brought to life by SE Dolls and we are thankful for that. Her appearance is pretty synonymous with that of an actual human being. That’s one way of saying that she looks thoroughly realistic. Now, let’s get down to her measurements. Candra has tits measuring 32.7 inches (83 cm) and she loves flaunting them around. Well, we are happy with her habit. She is a proud owner of 35 inches (89 cm) ass. So, she has a bouncy and juicy booty. That ass deserves to be worshipped with lust.

Candra owns vaginal depth that goes 6.69 inches (17 cm) deep. Vanilla sex lovers, she has something that you would absolutely love. Next comes her anal depth that also goes 6.69 inches (17 cm) deep. You can’t stay on a vanilla diet forever, can you? We all need some new flavors in that bedroom romance and anal sex is definitely a sizzling flavor. If you want some oral appetizers, then you can taste her 5.91 inches (15 cm) oral depth. That completes the cuisine in a gratifying way. For her height, Candra stands 5 feet and 2 inches (161 cm) tall. Needless to say, her height goes well with her hourglass physique. Next comes her weight. Candra weighs 35 kgs (77.16 lbs). We won’t say she is a lightweight doll but her weight is more or less manageable. You also have access to a variety of customization options. For starters, you can get a new hairstyle. Her skin tone is also customizable as per your preference. If you so want, you can swap her head with a new one. For her breasts, there is a hollow and solid option available. But if you are willing to spend a little extra, then you get her gel-filled breasts. It would be a nice investment if you ask us.


  • Height161cm / 5’ft 2″
  • Weight:35kgs / 77.16lbs
  • Upper breast: 83cm | 32.7 in
  • Under breast: 61cm | 24 in
  • Waist:50cm | 19.7 in
  • Hips:89cm | 35 in
  • Mouth Depth:15cm / 5.91 inch
  • Vagina Depth:17cm / 6.69 inch
  • Anal Depth:17cm / 6.69 inch
  • Foot Length:21cm / 8.27 inch
  • Packing size:  160*43*35cm