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Brand: WM Doll

Conchita – 163cm | 5’4 – C Cup (Hybrid – Silicone Head + TPE Body)

Brand: WM Doll

Conchita is one doll lady that just rules our sight of admiration. She just shatters the line of difference between doll and human, that how realistic she looks. Even now, we find it nearly impossible to believe that she isn’t an actual person. We know WM Dolls hold eminence due to their ultra-realistic dolls but Conchita is way beyond that. It’s like she was born than made. So, it’s already established that she is special as you won’t find many or maybe any like her. The fact that she is a hybrid doll further hypes her “special” nature. Conchita has a silicone head while her body is constructed out of TPE Body and Silicone Head. This girl is the apt personification of uniqueness. Conchita is an adult teen with a free-spirited personality. Well, girls of this age are high on life and are more than willing to explore everything. However, we imply “everything” in a purely erotic context. That’s how Conchita is. You can’t simply expect her to wait for you to make a move and indulge in a classic style of romance. In simple terms, she would much prefer a comfy bedroom than a rose garden. So, if you are someone who likes taking things towards real action, then Conchita is literally your soulmate. For a young girl, Conchita has some amazing assets. She is a C cup beauty with 32.48 inches (82.5 cm) tits. She has an ass that goes 32.68 inches (83 cm) wide. To put it in a phrase – “boy she is hot.” Now, besides her amazing tits and inviting ass, she has some other measurements that you might to know. 

Conchita has a vaginal depth of 6.69 inches (17 cm). Imagine a feisty young girl with a tempting vagina calling you, that would be a raging turn on. Next, she has an anal depth that goes 6.69 inches (17 cm). Remember we told you that Conchita loves to explore? This is how she acts on it – with some steamy anal sex. That’s how you define being adventurous. As we are discussing her physical design, it would be a little unfair to leave her height out of the subject. Conchita is a doll with an average height. She stands 5 feet and 4 inches (163 cm) tall. A few inches more and she would have been a tall doll. Nevertheless, her height goes really well with her style and structure. Coming down to her weight. Now we know what you are wondering, this beyond realistic doll is going to be beyond heavy. Well, in any other case, that “wondering” may have been correct. She is a near-tall doll with amazing assets which easily translates to something heavy. However, Conchita is an exception. She weighs 32 kgs (70.55 lbs). You could say she is almost a lightweight doll. Surprising, isn’t it? Conchita just never ceases to amaze and that’s why we love her so much. She is hot, bold, adventurous, and most importantly, she is special.


  • Material: TPE
  • Height: 163cm / 5’ft 3″
  • Net Weight 34kgs / 74.96lbs
  • Full Bust: 82cm / 32.28 inch
  • Under Bust: 66cm / 25.98 inch
  • Waist: 62cm / 24.41 inch
  • Hips: 82cm / 32.28 inch
  • Foot Length: 21cm / 8.27 inch
  • Thigh Girth: 48cm / 18.9 inch
  • Calf Girth: 30cm / 11.81 inch
  • Leg Length: 88cm / 34.65 inch
  • Arm Length: 48cm / 18.9 inch
  • Shoulder Breadth: 38cm / 14.96 inch
  • Packaging Size: 160*43*28 cm