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Brand: Irontech

Pharaoh – 163cm | 5′ 3 – H Cup

Brand: Irontech

We often utilize the term goddess in a metaphorical manner. After all, sex dolls are designed to leave you captivated. But today, this terminology goes in a pure literal sense when we introduce you to Pharaoh. As the name might suggest, she bears affiliation to the divine realm of Egypt. So, what’s she doing here? Well, even divine beings have needs. It becomes plain evident that this H-cup beauty is here to fulfill her carnal needs. It would be nice if you step in and serve the Pharaoh with all you got. You are sure to be rewarded with a steamy and highly erotic boon, if you know what we mean. Pharaoh can be safely termed as a sex goddess and you wouldn’t want to miss having her by your side. She exudes pride over her juicy 37.8 inches (96 cm) busty breasts. Her 37.01 inches (94 cm) booty is something that a human soul can’t resist. Precisely speaking, this woman is busty as hell, from all sides apparently. Her body figure is not curvaceous. Pharaoh has an athletic physique which adds more to her sensuality. Irontech carries a thick reputation of bringing ultra-realistic dolls to the scene. Their TPE creations are nothing less than breathtaking. They went exceptionally well with Pharaoh. You can’t differentiate her from an actual person. From texture to touch, she is as realistic as a love doll can possibly be.

Pharaoh possesses a height of 5 feet and 3 inches (163 cm). That’s impressive for an adult doll. But what impresses more is her weight. A busty doll is expected to command a near-unbearable weight. However, Pharaoh only weighs 37 kgs (81.57lbs). How Irontech managed to pack all that bustiness with such a modest weight? Guess, we will never know. Time to talk about the personalizations made available for this Egyptian Goddess. You can swap her head for a new one, for starters. You can also change her wig if the present style does not sing well for you. You can purchase additional heads and wigs as well. For her breasts, you can freely choose between the hollow and solid variant. There are also options available for the vagina. There is the removable type and then there is the fixed one. You can pick the one that best suits the tone of your convenience. Further along, you can add some pubic hair to her design. This will make her vaginal area more realistic. Her skeleton is also customizable. You can slip Pharaoh in the shrugging skeleton. This will make her design more realistic as now she can move more like a human. There are also some useful accessories that should find a spot in your cart. You can opt for a new outfit for this divine beauty. Next, there is the heating wand you should invest in. This will help you warm up this busty Pharaoh. The storage case perhaps deserves prime importance in the section of accessories. Storage cases ensure that the doll remains safe and secure. Plus, it saves you from allocating a whole room for your doll.




  • Material: TPE
  • Height 163cm / 5’ft 3″
  • Weight: 37kgs / 81.57lbs
  • Busts: 96cm / 37.8 inch
  • Under Breasts: 71cm / 27.95 inch
  • Waist: 62cm / 24.41 inch
  • Hips: 94cm / 37.01 inch
  • Shoulder Length: 35cm / 13.78 inch
  • Leg : 88cm / 34.65 inch
  • Thigh: 51cm / 20.08 inch
  • Calf: 31cm / 12.2 inch
  • Feet: 22.5cm / 8.86 inch
  • Arm: 67cm / 26.38 inch